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Application for ABTC Recognition of Programme

Dear Learning Provider,

Thankyou for you enquiry regarding the ABTC Programme Recognition process. This letter summarises the main points relating to ABTC Programme Recognition.

Why ABTC recognition?

As you are aware the ABTC represents the views of its member organisations, which includes both veterinary and non-veterinary bodies. It has set standards for roles of Animal Trainer, Animal Training Instructor, Animal Behaviour Technician and Clinical Animal Behaviourist in response to industry need. Meeting the ABTC standards is a requirement for an individual in order to be listed on the ABTC website as a practitioner within a member organisation.

Both the general public and others seek professional advice about training and about problem behaviour of animals. Programme Recognition is a means by which the ABTC can enable standards to be reached by those wishing to enter the profession by joining an ABTC member organisation. Programme recognition also demonstrates that these individuals meet the minimum standards of education and ethics required of their professional ABTC role.

The ABTC is highly regarded by both DEFRA and the Scottish Government as a regulator of professional standards in the field of animal training and behaviour. In their respective Government guidelines, enforcement agencies are referred to the ABTC with respect to trainers and behaviourists. This is a recommendation of the standards to which all ABTC member organisations expect of their member practitioners.

In all ABTC documents the term Programme refers to one or more units (modules) that are intended to meet all or part of the ‘knowledge & understanding’ requirements for an ABTC defined ROLE.

ABTC Recognition: what it means and its duration.

A programme that has been formally recognised by the ABTC scheme can be described as an ‘ABTC Recognised Programme’. The following statement can be included in publicity material: ‘This programme has been formally recognised by the ABTC Programme Recognition Committee as delivering the academic elements necessary for an individual to achieve ABTC recognition as a (relevant ABTC role)”. This process will be independently verified by Lantra.

Recognition of a programme will last for three years at which point the learning provider should apply for continuation.

Individuals who graduate from an ABTC recognised programme for a particular ABTC role will have fulfilled the knowledge and understanding requirements of ABTC Practitioner Organisations for that role.

Any changes to a programme during the intervening period should be submitted to the ABTC Programme Recognition Committee as soon as possible or within two months of the change occurring. This includes changes to the teaching and assessment team.

ABTC approval only recognises the content of the programme at the time of initial application, or continuation review, to the ABTC. Such recognition does not provide any guarantee that any learning provider is financially viable or that the standard of the content has remained the same standard as when it was assessed by the ABTC.

Operation of the programme other than the content is not the responsibility of the ABTC

Application process

Contact details and costs:

Course providers wishing to find out more about the requirements for recognition and the application process can obtain further information and relevant forms from the Committee by contacting Dr Anne McBride, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel: +44 (0) 7771 625419

The ABTC Programme Recognition Committee is non-profit-making venture. It is required to be economically self-supporting. Applications for programme recognition require a fee for initial recognition that is non-refundable, regardless of outcome. A further fee will be at the time of continuation review, every three years.

Programme Recognition: £100 per unit submitted per ABTC role; thus £500 for 5 units. This is non-refundable irrespective of the Programme Recognition Committee’s decision. There will also be a student registration fee of £20 for all students enrolling on the recognised programme.

Once recognised the programme will be entitled to display the ‘ABTC Recognised Programme’ logo on their certification.

Annual Closing dates

In 2015, as this is the first year of operation, there will be no closing date for applications for programme recognition and applications will be considered on an ad hoc basis. However, in future

Programme Recognition Committee Panel Meetings will be held face-to-face twice a year in February/March and in September/October to fit in with annual education provider cycles. Complete documentation must have been provided at least 6 weeks prior to a review meeting, 1st January and 1st August. This enables all panel members to have received documents at least 4 weeks prior to a meeting. This is true for initial applications and three year reviews.

Documentation should be provided both in electronic form and 4 hard copies. All documents should be clearly numbered and an index provided.

Details of Programme Recognition can be found on the Information for Learning Providers pages of the website (www.abtcouncil.org.uk). Please request application documentation direct from Dr McBride.

If by email please put in the subject header: ABTC Course your organisation name e.g. ABTC Course TimBucToo and use this for all correspondence.


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